Aldeias Históricas estão cobertas a 100% com fibra ótica e vão ter rede ciclável de 3.500 kms

Este projeto disponibiliza uma rede de percursos cicláveis em estrada num total de cerca de 3.500 quilómetros, divididos por 46 percursos, além de um guia.

Best Places To Eat In Porto – Ultimate Porto Food and Drink Guide

When we were planning our last-minute trip to Porto a couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t wait to jump right into the food scene and try all the local delicacies. I’m definitely one of those people who thoroughly researches the menu before going out to eat and so it only seemed right to do the same before we headed to Porto.

Bright lights, small city

Any tripeiro (yes, people from Porto are nicknamed tripe eaters) will quickly and proudly list all of the reasons that their hometown is so different from Portugal’s capital, Lisbon. From the outside the similarities are many – both are charmingly historic port cities with quick access to good beaches. But dig deeper and it becomes clear that Porto beats to its own pulse, completely independent from Lisbon’s rhythm. Home to about 220,000 inhabitants, the city has always been Portugal’s business heart, with many of the country’s industries based around its perimeter. Porto citizens are known for their hard-working and matter-of-fact attitude yet being business-oriented here doesn’t come at the cost of a sense of community and enjoying a glass of wine with colleagues over lunch. over the Ribeira, Porto, Portugal 2020

14 Things To See And Do In Porto, Portugal!

Porto is a beautiful and dynamic city on the coast of Portugal most famous for Port cellars, art nouveau buildings, blue and white facades, stunning river views, and iconic bridges. Porto is a popular destination in Europe, and especially now due to the Corona pandemic, it is one of the few cities that it is still safe and open for tourists.