Alqueva eleito o melhor destino da Europa com a sua rota para observar os astros

Dark Sky Alqueva, o primeiro destino português de astroturismo, recebe dois prémios internacionais em vésperas de terminar “um ano estranho, e que ficará marcado na história”

The best food in Lisbon: what to eat in Lisbon, Portugal

Slowly but surely, and with an unassuming confidence, Lisbon has become one of the world’s great foodie destinations. It’s easy to see why; the national produce, particularly from the Atlantic, is bountiful, affordable and served as fresh as you like. What’s more, despite the famous hills, the city is eminently strollable, and the cobbled streets are lined with cafes and beer joints you’d be more than happy to stumble across (stumble you will, those cobbles get slippery) and pitch up in for the afternoon. Warm welcomes abound here, and the country does snacks like no other.